The Greens Have Been Arguing Over Positions
The Greens Have Been Arguing Over Positions

The two-day national assembly of the "Green Movement" party, which is a part of "Democratic Bulgaria", ended without the election of a party chairman.

According to their official Facebook page, the reason for this is "an established non-compliance with the electoral process".

However, according to Eco News, the real reason is that the Greens have fought for the position and cannot reach a consensus decision between the five candidates.

Those who want to sit in the co-chair seats are the previous leaders Vladislav Panev and Dobromira Kostova, the former co-chairman and eco-minister Borislav Sandov, who was not re-elected to the post at the previous meeting, as well as the MP from DB Albena Simeonovo and the municipal councilor from Burgas Daniela Simeonova.

According to the media, the relations between the Green party members are seriously strained, and the party considered Sandov's appointment as eco-minister a mistake, as he totally neglected the interests of the eco-party during his administration.

The Greens are expected to organize a new meeting to try again to elect co-chairs.


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