‘Rila National Park’ Director, Who Is Known for Being Close to Toma Belev, Has Been Fired

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‘Rila National Park’ Director, Who Is Known for Being Close to Toma Belev, Has Been Fired

‘Rila National Park’ Director, Who Is Known for Being Close to Toma Belev, Has Been Fired

The eco-minister in charge has taken the decision, but the reasons have not been officially announced

The Minister of Environment and Water, Dr. Eng. Rositsa Karamfilova released Vladimir Milushev from the post of director of "Rila National Park". He himself has confirmed the news over his official Facebook page.

‘I was honoured and privileged to be the head of Rila National Park. Honoured because the mountain means a lot to me and I know how much she means and how much she gives to many other people. From today onwards I am no longer the director of the Park by a decision made by the minister of environment and water in charge’, he says in his post. And continues: ‘After these 7 months during which I was the head of the administration of the largest National park in Bulgaria, I want to thank everyone that has worked together with me for the good of Rila and the people connected to her. I want to thank my colleagues in the Park administration as well as all other people outside it who supported our work. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be able to do so many great things.’

The reason behind this decision is the fact that Milushev, who is a former employee of Vitosha Nature Park during Toma Belev’s governance, has fired a large group of experts working in the Park, replacing them with representatives of green non-governmental organisations that have zero experience in the field.

Unofficial information claims that there was a tragic case in the park – a week ago one of the released employees committed suicide and this provoked the minister to take urgent measures.

Milushev was in a serious conflict of interest during his appointment - he was a director of Rila Park and at the same time a manager of the branch in Blagoevgrad of the Swiss-Bulgarian Green Foundation "Biodiversity", the Eco agency notes. Moreover, he was appointed without competition. He is also an ex candidate for deputy from Democratic Bulgaria.


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