Mr. Tsatsarov, when will you address the green oligarchs?
Mr. Tsatsarov, when will you address the green oligarchs?

Arrests have started and continued for a week so far! And even more... The Minyovs, the Valchovs, the Banevs, and many more of the like were arrested.

Others, like Prokopiev, continue to live in the kaolin stink of the similar fate pending.

 Commendable initiative of the prosecutor’s office.

However, it has become clear, that it is extremely tolerant towards one spectre of the mafia – the green one. We are left with the unpleasant feeling that it is sufficient every second weekend to serve coffee at the tennis courts in Bankya, just like chieftain Toma Belev, to swim freely in rivers of hundreds of millions of BGN!

In addition, it would be nice to take out some more boxes of documents from the offices of these indecent people. It may by accident become clear that some of their deviations are not free of charge. Apart from gender ones.

For the last years, the Greens have utilized over BGN 500 million! The prosecutor’s office should investigate deeper to find out how these funds were accounted for, TO WHOM they were transferred and for what cause. Yes, it is true, it is difficult to account for BGN 50 million spent for allocating sad sloths to a green meadow, but, according to our legislation, this a job that has to be done.

There is no logic in the fact that throughout the country 50% of the public procurements gets stolen, only for the Greens - nothing. Then why should people like Venelin Petkov turn their TV time into a bastion of Toma-Belevs? Such efforts are not for free. What is the source of the remuneration of BGN 50 for participation in a protest? Did all radio journalists who were mediators for considerations of tens of thousands of BGN declared them before the tax authorities?

Is it true, that mind-boggling amounts were spent on the visit of Green oligarchs to sea symposiums in Nica? What is more, Monte Carlo, where the real ones hide, is at a one lemur distance.

And last but not least, is there another business worth half a billion in our country that has not been investigated by the prosecutor’s office and has not even been audited?

If the price for this covers the weekend coffee in Bankya only, let’s take the tennis rackets immediately!




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