Furious scandal on air! Karolev betted the Greens and sent them to drink “some cold water”

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Furious scandal on air! Karolev betted the Greens and sent them to drink “some cold water”

Petko Kovachev from the Green Policy Institute and Vladimir Karolev, economist, commented on the air of NOVA Television the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, which revoked the amendments concerning the Management plan of Pirin, adopted by the Council of Ministers. According to Kovachev, the government has made the same mistake admitted by the Ministry of Environment and Water some time ago – it trusted not the law but the interest.


The Supreme Administrative Court pointed out for the second time that the state does not work and it will assume the responsibility – to allow the procedures for ecological assessment and environmental impact assessment, the illegality of construction of new slopes and the illegality of the new water intakes”, he said. Vladimir Karolev specified that it comes only to part of the water intakes. “I am pleased to hear this decision”, declared on his side Karolev. He called the statement that 48% of the territory of Pirin park is going to be built out a “bullshit”. “It has been clearly seen who is unhappy – one family is unhappy, two companies are unhappy – World Wildlife Fund, with its Manager, Vesela Kavrakova, and the Association of the Parks in Bulgaria, in which from 14 parks there are actually 3 parks, with Tomas Belev in the capacity of its Manager.

I don’t know why they are ashamed to get married, if they are married or not, but this is a kind of a family”, said Karolev. “There are 64 decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court, on “Banko ski zone” case, again from those two organizations and their affiliates, approved by a three- or five-member composition (the number of the judges in the composition, Editors’ note), which have proved that these people are lying.

I’ll bet that this decision will fall under a five-member composition in the Supreme Administrative Court”, spoke heatedly Karolev according to whom the EC also said there was no infringement of the European regulation. That’s why there’s no need of new assessment. “I contradict to this definition, you contradict 64 court decisions”, finished Karolev. Minister Dimov just needed to make estimation as to whether a procedure or an ecological estimation on the Management Plan of Pirin should exist, and he denied doing it”, said Petko Kovachev. The discussion carried out on a high tone and with many interruptions finished with the words of Karolev, who has a birthday today: “You can drink cold water now, because you will need to drink another cold water when the decision is at the five-member composition of the Supreme Administrative Court”.


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