The green octopus has again crept its poisonous tentacles
The green octopus has again crept its poisonous tentacles

According to the ubiquitous Toma Belev, half of Bulgarians steal wood.

“Over 2 million cubic metres of timber are illegally cut each year in Bulgaria” - hysterically announced the World Wildlife Fund, referring to the results of their own report. The analysis of the illegal logging in Bulgaria was presented at a press conference in Sofia by the ubiquitous and well-known WWF and Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria coalition.


According to their “survey”, the annual volume of the illegal logging is between 2.4 and 2.7 million cubic meters.


Toma Belev clarified how exactly these calculations have been made. He considered that people were stealing because they didn’t have any other option to “heat” their children.


“It is about 700 thousand households - if half of them were stealing, that was the volume I showed you: between 2.4 and 2.7”, Belev said.


We will not comment what makes him claim that half of the Bulgarians, who use wood for heating, are criminally stealing them? It is more interesting what resources have the so called “environmentalists” used – financial and human in order to make their “survey”.


Because, for example, only for the first six months of 2018, the forestry officials of the Executive Forests Agency and the state-owned enterprises, which are hundreds, have carried out about 172,800 inspections of storage, processing, timber trading and timber extraction facilities, motor vehicles, hunters and fishermen.


As a result of those approximately 200,000 inspections, there were 5373 statements drawn up in total, and the timber found in violation of the Forest Act has been estimated at the amount of ... 6953 cubic metres.


Even if this figure is smaller than the real one, it is very difficult to imagine how poaching of the other two million cubic metres happened to be hidden, for which the so called “Environmentalists” alerted noisily!


The same people that have talked the ears of the whole world off that decares of ancient forests in Pirin Mountain are being cut down in our country, in order to build nothing but a lift!


In fact, the bigger problem is that in 90% of the cases the Prosecutor’s office terminates the pre-trial proceedings  on identified criminal offenses in the forests due to insubstantiality. Thus, in the opinion of the experts, the illegal actions remain unpunished creating preconditions for new violations.  


Therefore, while the fake environmentalists were giving a press conference on the millions cubic metres allegedly  logged timber, the Executing Forest Agency quietly proposed amendments on the Criminal code concerning more serious sanctions and bigger fines for the illegal logging and poaching.


Nobody is denying the fact that the forests are illegally logged. It is a matter of fact, however, that the measures against this are getting more and more rigid.


We are reminding that the National Assembly has recently voted on the proposals for amending the Criminal Code, made by the United Patriots concerning the increase of the penalties for illegal logging and poaching. The changes inflate double the magnitude compared to those existing so far for the criminal provisions under the Penal Code.


Therefore, apart from the rise in the level of fines, the introduction of a probation is also envisaged, and the illegal logging of very large amounts,  representing a particularly serious case – to allow more than ½ of the property of the guilty person to be confiscated.


However, the green octopus does not care about this. It sees

thieving Bulgarians, taking from the forests not carts but trucks full of illegally harvested timber – how else could all these 2 plus million cubic metres be transported!

On the principle used for the calculations of the so called “environmentalists” – just like the devil reads the Bible – we can also speculatively “calculate” how many millions BGN or EUR have they taken in order to make their “surveys”. Can’t we?


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