Kiril Petkov’s Wife is Herro Mustafa’s Favourite Confectioner (A Cake in Linda’s Sweetshop Costs about BGN 70-100)
Kiril Petkov’s Wife is Herro Mustafa’s Favourite Confectioner (A Cake in Linda’s Sweetshop Costs about BGN 70-100)


Linda McKenzie Petkova, the Canadian wife of Kiril Petkov, is the favourite confectioner of the US ambassador in Bulgaria Herro Mustafa.

Mrs Petkova’s boutiques sweetshop “Amelie”, situated in the very heart of Sofia -  15 San Stefano Str, has been cooking gluten free cakes for the US embassy for a couple of months. Linda can hardly fulfill all the orders coming for her sweets and some of her main clients are the embassies of the USA, England and France.

One of the last big orders from a foreign embassy that Mrs Petkova successfully fulfilled was from the French embassy. Which ordered 20 cakes for the national holiday of France that was in July the 14th.

“Herro Mustafa, the US ambassador is the biggest fan of Linda’s cakes. She orders her favourite almond cake with prunes every week. Mustafa has already tried all culinary delights, cooked in the sweetshop”, claim Mrs Petkova’s clients.

According to them Mustafa came to the sweetshop by accident long before Linda’s husband be appointed Minister of Economy in the caretaker government. Since the US embassy was relocated in another building last summer which was pretty far from Linda’s sweetshop, ambassador Mustafa continued to order cakes but no longer takes them by herself. Instead she sends her driver to pick up the orders.

Linda McKenzie opened her sweetshop in the center of Sofia in 2017 after she had participated in the culinary reality “Masterchef”. She could not make it to the final. Four more confectioners work for her in “Amelie Sweetshop”.

Glutenfree Garash cake is undoubtedly the specialty of the sweetshop. It can be ordered with dark or white chocolate. The price for a Garash cake is BGN 70.

The most expensive desserts in “Amelie” are Herro Mustafa’s favourite almond cake with prunes which costs BGN 108 and blueberry-lemon cheesecake which price is BGN 119.

Linda and Kiril Petkov have been happily married for 21 years. The couple has three daughters.




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