“Free-riders” with tents protest against the order at the Black Sea Coast

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“Free-riders” with tents protest against the order at the Black Sea Coast

Several organizations from the "environmentalistic" circle of Toma Belev and company organize today in Sofia a protest against the amendments to the Law on the Structure of the Black Sea Coast.

The new texts have already been approved by a committee in the National Assembly and will be submitted to plenary. One of the purposes of the amendments is to align the so-called wild camping, which for years have been practicing by members of the "greens".

They pitched tents and parked caravans on the dunes of the beaches all over the coast, and thus ruin them. Since their bivouacs were out of dedicated campsites, they paid nothing and spent their summer vacation free and lived meters away from the waves throughout the season.

At the same time, they left behind tons of waste collected and transported by the local municipalities. In this way, the local people, whose taxes are paid for the extra waste disposal, are disadvantaged.

While all this happens, ordinary Bulgarians pay for a hotel or tent or caravan in the legal campsites. It is unclear by what the "wild campers" are privileged so tonight to ask the amendments in the LSBSC not to affect their "advantage" over the rest of us.

Amendments will regulate the camping to be only in the designated spots and imposing fines on offenders. This will also preserve the dunes, on which so far the "environmentalists" parked their huge caravans every summer. At present, the law does not provide for financial sanctions, which makes Bulgaria one of the few countries in the region that allows "wild camping".

For example, in Greece, if a man pitches a tent or parks a caravan outside the campsite, the penalty is thousands of euros.

As early as September last year, at the end of the summer season, the mayor of Shabla Marian Zhechev complained to “Trud” that his hands were tied and could not impose fines.

According to his accounts because of the wild campers, the local government in the maritime municipality shipped tons of waste last year.

"We have spent an additional BGN 100,000 to 160,000 to collect and transport the waste of those who parked caravans and cars on the beach. At the same time they spent their vacation almost without money because they spent nothing for their stay meters away from the waves", Zhechev explained.

He added that the problem is all along the Black Sea Coast and legal changes should be made.

The Ministry of Tourism and MPs listened to the maritime Mayors' call and proposed amendments against which today there will be a protest. It is organized in social networks and so far there are 300 people confirmed.

Its organizers are the Association of Parks in Bulgaria, headed by Toma Belev illegitimately (confirmed by the court), association “Let's Preserve Coral” whose members have for several years turned the beach into a landfill and association "Save Karadere". There are tons of waste every summer at Karadere beach because of the "wild campers".

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