Ecologists stopped the afforestation of 650 decares in Plovdiv
Ecologists stopped the afforestation of 650 decares in Plovdiv

A further complaint by ecologists hinders a huge afforestation of 650 decares in the area of ​​the Rowing canal. This was announced by the Mayor Ivan Totev. The environmentalists contested in the court the environmental impact assessment of the future ecological project. Most likely there will be a court case, the Mayor presumes. According to him, when you make infrastructure, you are challenged by means of appeals. When you afforest – you receive complaints again.


He is not familiar with the association that is behind the next attack. “It may be a new one, but with the same people who appealed the zoo”, admits the Mayor. He reminded that they’ve developed the concept of a huge afforestation along with some experts from the University of Forestry. Only natural species that grow in this area have been selected.

The first area of ​​130 decares has already been afforested, just the salvage logging of the dead trees remained. “It does not matter, this complaint will also go through, it aims to delay it longer”, Totev commented.


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