Sandov Has Threatened the Ministry of Ecology in Charge via SMS
Sandov Has Threatened the Ministry of Ecology in Charge via SMS

Former minister of environment and waters and climate vice premier Borislav Sandov has sent threatening SMSs to the minister of ecology in charge Rositsa Karamfilova, has reported.

According to the information Sandov’s furious reaction has been caused by the fact that Karamfilova fired three directors of national parks who had been appointed directly by him and are among his closest companion. We remind you that two of them, those of Pirin and Rila, were appointed even without a competition. A few days ago, the former deputy prime minister for climate organized and protested on this occasion in front of the ministry, where about 15 members of green non-governmental organizations gathered.

In addition, Sandov claimed from environmental circles that Karamfilova owed him, since he had given her a chance and therefore did not fire her from the post of director of the Executive Agency for the Environment. We remind you that on the 40th anniversary, Sandov's only and first working period was 7 months as a minister. Before and after that, he did not have a single day's work, except as an NGO activist and co-chairman of the Green Movement.

At this moment, however, Sandov is the only member of the Governing Council of the Green Movement party, part of the Democratic Bulgaria coalition, as several party members did not re-elect him a month ago to become co-chairman.


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