Former Eco-minister Borislav Sandov Is Hiding Unpaid Health Insurance
Former Eco-minister Borislav Sandov Is Hiding Unpaid Health Insurance

Former Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Policies and Minister of the Environment Borislav Sandov does not pay health insurance.

A check made by on the NRA page for the health insurance status of the minister in the cabinet "Kiril Petkov" showed that the Madan ecologist did not pay for health care for the last 4 months of the past 2022.

The reference shows that Sandov did not pay a single lev for health insurance from September to December 2022

For this reason, Borislav Sandov currently has suspended health rights, which means that he only uses paid medical services. Money is hardly a problem for the "green man", for whom revealed that he cleaned up a spectacular scam for 4.2 million BGN, spent on counting geese and fish, which is already in the prosecutor's office.

Despite his short tenure as a minister, this is at least the third investigation against Borislav Sandov that has been launched in recent months.

The previous two are also to clarify reports of irregularities committed by Sandov, who failed to become a deputy in the current parliament.

In December, it became clear that the "State Financial Inspection" Agency (ADFI) was investigating Sandov because of a contract he concluded with a non-governmental organization that was supposed to guard protected areas. It turns out that the NGO that receives the order from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications was created only a month earlier.

ADFI is also investigating Borislav Sandov because of nine contracts that the Ministry of Education and Culture concluded with various structures of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) with a total value of BGN 4.7 million, but without conducting public procurement.

One of these contracts is the one for counting birds, whose fraud unraveled in a series of publications.



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