The father of the boss of The Greens Vladislav Panev was a State Security agent
The father of the boss of The Greens Vladislav Panev was a State Security agent


Pancho Panev worked for the communist service under the alias “Rose”


The father of the co-chair of the Green Party Vladislav Panev proved to be a former State Security agent.

According to information made public by the Dossier Commission Pancho Valkov Panev worked as a collaborator of the secret services of communist Bulgaria. He was recruited by the regional structure of SS in Haskovo in November 1980. Panev senior provided a place for State Security meetings in the neighbouring town of Dimitrovgrad. In the SS archives he is also known by his alias “Rose”.

The father of the right politician was exposed during an examination of the past of the municipal councillors. Panev, born in Dlagnevo village in 1948, was a councillor during the period 1995 – 2003 nominated by the local parliament of the “workers’ town”.

Panev senior was the executive director of the privatized plant for air-conditioning technology Climatech. His son made him a shareholder with 40% of his company Status Capital.

Vladislav Panev is yet another right politician with communist roots. Others are Hristo Ivanov, Ivo Mirchev, Aleksandar Yordanov – member of the European Parliament, Rumen Hristov - leader of the Union of Democratic Forces, Ivo Prokopiev – businessman and political engineer, Ivan Krastev – guru of the right and many others.



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