Herro Mustafa: The Bulgarian medical professionals are showing remarkable strength! (VIDEO)

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Herro Mustafa: The Bulgarian medical professionals are showing remarkable strength! (VIDEO)

Herro Mustafa is impressed with the people caring for the Bulgarians suffering from COVID-19!

The United against COVID-19 fund will distribute more than 800 000 BGN to combat the crisis. The money will go to local hospitals, community centers, civil organizations and social enterprises throughout the country.

On this occasion, the American Ambassador Herro Mustafa stated that the Bulgarian medical specialists and volunteers from different communities are showing remarkable strength and resilience during this difficult period.

Ambassador Mustafa stated that the United against COVID-19 initiative aims to provide these heroes with the necessary support and pointed out that the US Embassy is proud of its partnership with America for Bulgaria Foundation, the American Chamber of Commerce and the Bulgarian Charity Forum in the framework of this initiative.

The fund, which has already received donations from 21 companies, foundations and physical persons, was established to support local communities in Bulgaria affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Health care providers, civil society organizations, community centers and social enterprises from the whole of Bulgaria can apply for support from United against COVID-19. For this purpose, they need to fill in an electronic form, accessible on the dedicated website www.United4BG.org. The deadline for application submission for the first round of project financing is 16 April 2020.

The fund will finance initiatives supporting vulnerable groups of the population affected by the crisis: medical personnel, disabled and elderly people, children and youths, minorities, homeless persons, unemployed, single parents, etc.

“This crisis demonstrates the strength of pro-activeness, charity and unity. Few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts. The Fund unites the efforts of our organizations and helps us focus on the most pressing needs,” said Nancy Schiller, president of America for Bulgaria Foundation.

According to Krasimira Velichkova, director of Bulgarian Charity Forum, Bulgaria has shown many times that it can be united in doing good deeds. “Our organizations structured the fund to work quickly, effectively and transparently, while our support is directed towards the neediest in this emergency situation,” Velichkova clarified.

“We are certain that we will overcome this crisis only through coordinated efforts, timely measures and positive communication,” said in turn Petar Ivanov, executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.



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