Herro Mustafa is impressed by Mutafchiyski! (VIDEO)

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Herro Mustafa is impressed by Mutafchiyski! (VIDEO)

Herro Mustafa thinks that Bulgaria is making the right decisions to combat the crisis. She supports the government and is very impressed with the head of the crisis team general Mutafchiyski!

“This is an unprecedented situation and a difficult time for us all. This is a global challenge. I am happy that Bulgaria and the US are standing side by side in meeting this challenge.”

“Your safety is our number one priority. We need to protect the Americans in Bulgaria. My team is in constant communication with the Bulgarian authorities,” stated the US Ambassador Herro Mustafa at a virtual meeting with American residents staying in Bulgaria on Facebook.

“I know that the emergency measures are tough… but we need them in order to stop the spread of the disease and remain healthy,” said Mustafa.

She reassured the people that basic necessities such as water, food and medicines are available in the country and anyone can get supplies.

Herro Mustafa is happy with the Bulgarian health care system and considers that the health care providers are doing their best to treat coronavirus patients.

“The situation in Bulgaria is much better in comparison to many other countries worldwide. I would like to thank the people in Bulgaria working at the frontlines in the combat against the disease: police officers, physicians and nurses. They are heroes!” said Herro Mustafa. The Ambassador added that she is impressed with the health care leaders in the country, for example general Mutafchiyski.

The Ambassador urged the Americans who wish to return to the USA to do so immediately, while there are flights, because no one knows if flights will still be available in several days.

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